Why Join?

Home away from Home

The Greek community offers comfort while away at college and encourages individual development within a smaller group of friends in a larger University environment. Sororities are values-based organizations committed to the worthwhile endeavors of academic achievement, the development of leadership skills, sisterhood, community service and philanthropic activities.
Membership in a NPC affiliated sorority is a life-changing experience for those women who choose to join. Members develop a unique bond of sisterhood that is completely unique to sororities. These friendships will continue to be nurtured by alumni affiliations and world-wide networking opportunities long after graduation.

What Greek Life Offers

For over one hundred years sororities have played a major role on college campuses and have contributed to the social and intellectual growth of their members. A sorority is an organization whose members have chosen to establish a close affiliation and sisterhood with one another.

Each sorority has a similar purpose: to offer an opportunity for close friendship and to teach members leadership through the experience of working together on shared projects to reach common goals.

Every sorority encourages and expects above average scholarship. Each encourages participation in varied activities which offer unlimited and valuable experiences. Service to the community is also emphasized with thousands of dollars being donated each year to local and national philanthropies.

Many college women feel alone even though they are surrounded by many other friends and students. Sorority membership provides a solution by joining together a group of individuals who share common goals and fostering close bonds.

The college experience is enriched by actively participating in campus activities. Many women find sorority membership appealing to them. The opportunities that sorority membership provide in scholarship, extracurricular involvement, service to others, and the continual maintaining of lifetime friendships can enhance the years spent in college.







Formal Recruitment is January 14th - January 18th!

For recruitment related questions: 

Please email the Panhellenic Paraprofessional Haley French at hfrench1@csuchico.edu