Go Greek ~ Day 1

The first day of recruitment you will go to every house so think comfy and cute! It is the most casual day. Think what you would wear to a day in the city with friends or a shopping day with family. 

Sisterhood & Philanthropy ~ Day 2 

The second day of recruitment is another long one. Think about what you would wear on a date or a nice brunch. The second day is dressier than the first but not formal. Dress it up with different accessories!

Preference Night ~ Day 3

Preference night is the most intimate. This is the fanciest day, so wear something you would wear as a guest to a wedding or a formal dance. Dress it up with heels and a nice dress. 

Bid Day!!

Bid day is the best and most exciting day of recruitment! Today is the day you get to run home to your new sisters! Wear a comfy pair of sneakers and pants. Remember, once you get to your new home you will be given a t-shirt!